So much to say

What follows is a brief, incomplete list of various topics that I’ll be discussing on this blog, in no particular order:

  • Observations of a non-believer in a country of believers – implications for one’s social life and career; finding like-minded people; the low level of sophistication in the believer-skeptic debate; comparisons with more secular countries
  • Deconversion – my personal story; moving from belief to non-belief, and why it matters; the outsider test of faith
  • Common misconceptions about non-belief – “atheistic immorality” versus “theistic morality”; finding meaning in life without gods; atheism versus agnosticism
  • The poverty of sophisticated Christian theology – academic philosophers versus the believer in the pews; divine command theory; necessary suffering and the problem of evil; moral paralysis; the teleological argument for God; the ontological argument for God; why faith isn’t enough; problems and inadequacy of the resurrection story
  • Religious doctrine and its effects on society – the problems with applied Catholic dogma; the non-existent separation between Church and State in my country
  • What next after atheism? – moving on after non-belief; openness to evidence and what it would take to convince me otherwise; naturalism/materialism and its implications for free will and morality

My intent is to tackle these subjects as rationally as possible. I am aware that it is nearly impossible to be completely perfect in one’s analysis. But I hope that by laying out my thoughts for people to see and criticize, I can move from being “wrong” towards being “less wrong” (with apologies to Eliezer Yudkowsky).


One comment on “So much to say

  1. helloise says:

    Looking forward to the deconversion story! 🙂

    A faithful (pun intended) commenter and reader

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